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Our different portrait collections are based on the variety of images we make.  The basic collection is just that, we will capture a few great images using one background and lighting setup.  Our deluxe collection is based around shooting several different images using different backgrounds, different outfits, and different lighting set-ups.  One of our collections should meet your needs and budget.  All single print purchases are add-ons to any collection. 

Please see our portrait collection pricing page for more details.

Standard Portrait Collection

Standard Portrait Collection


This is the standard collection, with the idea of getting 4 to 6 great images.  Your portrait will be taken in Studio using two different backgrounds.  A minimum of 8 different images using 2-3 poses at each background.  You can pick four images for the following prints, included in the package.  The prints can be divided between the 4 images any way you wish.  Additional prints of any image can be added. 

Included Prints: 2 - 8x10 prints, 5 – 5x7 prints, 8 – Wallets


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