Action shot purchase -Sale ends when tournament ends.

We offer you the ability to order our "pride prints" and "picture CD's" directly from us.  We also offer most of our products from our Team and Individual photo sessions.  Please select the product you want and add it to your cart.  These items will be shipped to you directly from our studio.

Standard prints and all items for our Action shots are handled by our partner site at  Please see our active events page for purchase of these standard prints.

4 picture pride print


4 picture pride print

from 55.00

 Pride Print - 4 picture composite hand built using action shots of athlete.  Printed on Kodak endura professional photo paper.


Please fill out the attached form and give us the picture id of a couple of pictures of your athelete.   The pictures may or may not be used to build the print.  The picture id is the number at the bottom of the page when viewing the picture enlarged on the website.  e.g.  picture 8 of 300.  If the pictures are no longer available to view just enter picture #0 and contact me to help identify your player.  Thanks

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